Learn languages ​​for free online

Hello girls!

Today I wanted to tell you about a page called www.bussu.com where you can learn free languages ​​. I've been using it for a long time, well I used it before I started blogging, then I got bored with it.
But this year one of my purposes was to learn languages ​​you can see it when I wrote it in January TODAY but after having stayed out of the EOI in both languages, what luck mine!! I decided that I will use it again.
If any more has happened to you or just want to learn a language, I recommend it to you. It is very good and free! You can also take the premium option but I can not talk about that because I have never used it.
On the page they have different exercises with those that are being learned from the beginning and at the end of each lesson make a "exam" if you overcome it you pass to the next phase and if not then you keep trying. Other times the tests that ask you to send a message to one of the users in the language you are studying.
And the best is that make you write texts where the users themselves correct you (those who know the clear language) in return we also have to correct texts in Spanish and tell them where they have been confused ...

I definitely think it's a good one way to learn languages ​​for free, because not having to spend money is a good option.

Edito: Now I use an application on the phone, it's called Duolingo and you can download it from the play store. It is more comfortable because anywhere you can get to learn. It also becomes very enjoyable, I recommend it. It is also free.

Do you use any page to learn languages ​​for free ?