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-When putting on face/body moisturizer, put some on your cuticles, too! 

-Keep your nails healthy by getting manicures every couple of weeks

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Gift Certificates are available and make a fabulous gift for friends and family!

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-When putting on face/body moisturizer, put some on your cuticles, too! 

-Keep your nails healthy by getting manicures every couple of weeks

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Elizabeth J.

I love this place & have found myself going back here often. There is a gentlemen named Son that does a fantastic dip. Mine always lasts 6 weeks and i only go get them re-done because they grow out, otherwise they never mess up. Highly recommend Sun For dip on your nails and this nail salon in general! Also- it's very clean and always decorated cute for whatever holiday is approaching which is a nice touch!


Karen T.

This place is awful!! The first time I went there they impressed me with the dipped nails, it lasted me 4 weeks without chipping or lifting so I went back. Well, it was a Saturday, they removed the old job and let me sit with foil and acetone on my hands for a while. I'd say 15/20 min wait on a busy day is annoying, but acceptable. Well, I've waited for 45 minutes before saying something and when I finally did they ignored me, told me wait a little bit. I waited for 45 min with no one coming to do my nails, people that came long after me were leaving and there I was. Anyways, I left, didn't pay for the food with acetone and here I am. Will never go back and I recommend you don't try either.


Cassie H.

Just left and I am blown away at the service and how amazing my nails look! Haley did an amazing job and I know i have found my new home for my nails and toes!!!


Teri G.

Horrible customer service for consistent client is not ok. Was here for almost 3 hours my last visit and was told to make an appointment. i return today for my appointment and was told i need to wait an additional 15, I came 10 minutes early. Not to mention my appointment before was canceled and I didn't even get a courtesy call. THIS IS NOT OK!! Almost 4 years of being a faithful client to be treated like shit is not a good look.


Sarah M.

Was very hesitant about this place because of the reviews but it was right by my house so it was more out of convenience than anything. I went in on a Friday night about 5 o'clock. They kept stopping and doing other people's manicures and pedicures at the same time that they were doing mine first thing that put me off second thing that put me off was that the lady took her time on one hand and it looked really nice and not the other hand that looked awful and I had to fix it myself when I got home. A man did my pedicure and didn't scrub one of my feet and then when I said something to him about it he basically put his hand out for me to shut up. I definitely will not be coming back to this establishment.


Alex A.

ONLY 1 TO 2  PEOPLE DO SHELLAC/GEL NAILS (fake nails). The wait time and pricing are awful. I waited for 30 minutes before being serviced m. Then when services afterwards was told for one nail repair it would be .00 because they had a .00 limit. Not only that for nail my artist kept getting up and tending to calls. There were 6 others people there. The owner should announce it hang price limits up prior to service. I was DISGUSTED BY SERVICE! The nail couldn't match the shape! Not worth Ten bucks for one nail repair. Took 25 mins and two nail artist.


Ever W.

Walked in and was greeted immediately. I got a manicure with powder dip. The girl assisting me was very gentle as my nails are very damaged from a previous salon. My only complaint is that I assumed the manicure came with the works, cuticle trim and massage and it didn't. But that's more on me than them. Will be returning.


Rosey C.

Got my nails dipped and have to say this was THE best nail job I've ever had!! I'd take a pic for posting but it's now going on week 3 and they are just barely due for a refill. I think I can push it one more week min. What I love is the detail around the edges and tips that took extra care for. Super happy and will return. .....okay I took a pic


Tierra G.

I still love this salon. HOWEVER, please note, if you are pressed for time this is not the place for you.It is a small family owned business. Not a lot of staff, therefore, you will wait. They take their time and are very detailed/picky. My nails always look amazing, but it is always a long process. I only go when I have absolutely nothing else to do. Been going for a year now.


Cindyand V.

I have gone to this salon for well over 6 years (when Kevin and Jasmine owned). They (Dolly) do a great job and that is the ONLY reason I have kept coming back. This will be the last time I will come here though. They (Dolly) overbook and take walk-ins even when I have made an appointment. I have waited for 3 hours one day and 1 1/2 hours yesterday. If she would show me consideration by just calling me and saying she is running a little late, but there is none of that. It doesn't matter if you have water, soda and wine! If you don't get customer service and mutual respect mastered, then your company won't grow. My daughter had this same experience and would end up arguing about how she wanted her nails shaped. Life is too short to be stressed out about something so trivial. We are now going to try a new shop that just opened in old Magnolia. I feel bad about this because Dolly really does a good job, but she is the only one...which is part of the problem.


P F.

After a year of more misses than hits trying to find someone who knows how to do Dip nails, I found a place. Very pleasant atmosphere and employees. Hubby and I love this place.


Karyn K.

Unsure what happened here... but service definitely slid off the radar.   When you're 1 of gazillion nail shops - you need to stay ahead of the pack and on top of your game.  Huge disappointment...


Karen P.

Professional staff and shop cleanliness were things I first noticed upon walking in. Each technicians' cosmetology  license was hung at their desks. There was not a huge crowd, so wait time on a Tuesday afternoon was not an issue. I have shellac nails and was able to choose from an assortment of colors. The nail technician that did my nails filed my nails just the way I liked them.


Emily S.

In love with my nails, awesome staff and the place is very nice and comfortable. Will definitely be coming back here and bringing friends and family along with me. The price isn't bad for what you are getting.


Lori D.

Wow!The service is phenomenal !!!The nail techs are friendly, gentle and did a PERFECT job on my nails. They went above and beyond... from hot pads on my shoulders and a shoulder massage to a hot stone pedicure !!! The salon is clean and beautiful. You must try this place! They know how to make you feel pampered.


Kelsey W.

This place is so great. They close at 7 but truly make the experience so enjoyable because they don't rush. Fully take their time with everything! We booked a pedi at 6:30 and they didn't finish until 8:00. I didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable at all. They were amazing! I didn't have to worry about my nails being jagged or cut crooked like I have experienced with other nail salons in the area. I was so impressed! I will be back ASAP!


Amber M.

My past visit to this salon was 2.5 hours long! For a classic pedicure, dip refill, and eyebrow waxing. Even after 2.5 hours there was polish left on my hands and feet! The pedicure took an hour. While I was getting the pedicure they had wrapped my nails with the acetone and aluminum foil - I myself took the polish off because nobody even acknowledged that I was still waiting for my nails to be started. Then I get home and look at my eyebrows and I had to finish them. She did not finish plucking one side. Then their credit card machine was not working but they failed to tell ANY of the customers before they started services. I will never return to this nail salon again!


Astrid O.

This place does amazing work I'm extremely picky when it comes to doing my nails the people are so nice there so attentive to exactly what you want and they don't try to shove anything else down your throat that's what you came in for that's what you're going to get which I really enjoy the staff is friendly and the location is clean and conveniently located right off the freeway it's beautiful and they do amazing job plus and a very good price


Kristie H.

My daughter and I arrived at Allure Nails and Spa at 9:30 a.m.. Hoping to be the first and to have enough time for our visit. The staff showed up late to start. I asked for the pedicure, and a wax. My wax went fine. My daughter had a different lady, which ended up being the owner. She butchered my daughter eyebrow shape by flattening the entire top of the eyebrow. Which left her with no naturally rounded shape. The guy that did my pedicure rushed the entire pedicure. He spent more time fixing the horrible paint job. Which never ended up fixed. After speaking with the owner who did my daughters wax. She passed blame to my fourteen year old, who by the way told her only to clean up her eyebrows. Not to reshape. Her excuse for the rushed pedicure, was the lady who did my daughters is new and spent too much time. She had no intentions in correcting the problem. I had to ask her how she would like to resolve the problem. She offered a 10% off on my pedicure which came out to be off. She didn't do anything for my daughters bad wax. In the end I ended up paying 9 total. I will not be returning to this business. I hope this review has helped others in their decision making.


Shelby D.

Amazing job every time I come here!I can be picky about who does my nails, and the price versus the quality. Any full set of acrylics I usually get with the glitter powder comes out to , which is definitely reasonable compared to all the other salons I have been to that charge just as much or more for less done and less quality.No matter who I get, my nails always turn out the exact way I want them to. :)