Foods to have perfect skin

Hello girls!
Today I bring you some beauty tricks to be divine of death. If we want to have a perfect skin it is not enough to use a thousand types of cream but we also have to have a correct diet.

Foods to have perfect skin:

1. Strawberries , are rich in vitamin C that help the production of collagen. In addition to being great, and fattening very little help us to have a beautiful skin, it certainly has all the good benefits to eat them. That's right, do not put cream or sugar, try to eat them from time and that's it. If you do not like them without sugar or cream, you can crush them and make a strawberry milkshake.
two. Bananas is one of the best foods to have perfect skin, provide vitamin B and help fight wrinkles. It is true that they fatten a little more than lasfresas because they are very sweet, but they help us to have perfect skin.
3. Dried fruit , reverts paleness due to lack of iron. So if you are one of the people that is getting up and it seems that they are dead, among which I include myself, take nuts will come great.

4. Melon , prevents damage caused by the sun and improves the skin. And in the summer with watermelons is one of the freshest and most refreshing fruits that we can drink.

5. Fish , we have to eat mainly cold water fish such as sardines, latrucha ... which have great sources of proteins to repair our skin.

6. Spinach , contains vitamin E that helps acombatir wrinkles and regenerate the skin. To me of the foods for a perfect skin is the one that I like least, but for tastes the colors. If we do not like any of these foods we replace it with another one and that's it.

7. Citrus fruits such as orange and lemon , promote the production of collagen which helps us not wrinkle and have fewer lines of expression.
8. Salmon , in addition to being very good, provides vitamin D and omega 3. Vitamin D is responsible for maintaining healthy bone, heart and brain. And Omega3 prevents us from wrinkles and acne.

For me it is one of the richest foods and therefore the one I consume the most to have a perfect skin .

9 Coconut oil , has lauric acid, an antibacterial and antiviral agent that prevents us from getting acne and that also provides us and smooth skin.
10. The red pepper , this is not exactly my favorite foods but it gives us a lot of vitamin C and carotenoids. These help us in the circulation of our blood and to have a younger skin.

And do you have these foods to have perfect skin ?

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