What to eat to avoid cellulite?

Hello girls!
The other day in this beauty blog I told you about the types of cellulite and today I bring you a post with the best foods to reduce cellulite , because for many creams that you put or exercise, if you do not take care of your diet, cellulite is not going to leave us never.

Foods that we should avoid to reduce cellulite:

- Caffeine; We should avoid it and eat coffee, coca-cola ... daily. This is the main reason that we have cellulite, this food is bad for cellulite.

Although cosmetics with caffeine help to reduce it, taking it does the opposite.

- Salt is the worst food for cellulite, since it favors the retention of liquids which is harmful to cellulite.
- Alcohol, favors the concentration of toxins that are very difficult to eliminate.
- Saturated fats, we can find them in whole milk, sausages, butter, industrial pastries, pizzas and hamburgers ... this type of food will make your cellulite horrible.
- Sugars, we must avoid sweets and jellybeans or else we will always live with cellulite.

The > good foods to reduce cellulite are:

- Fish
- Chicken
- Turkey
- Fresh cheese
- Vegetables
- Vegetables
- Fruit
And the most important thing is try to cook the food to the iron and drink 2 liters of water a day.
In addition to these foods you have to have a varied and healthy diet, and exercise at least 3 times a week.
In addition to food it is also very important to exercise and use anti-cellulite products that I will talk about in another entry.
Do you eat foods to reduce cellulite ?