How to fix torn stockings

Hello girls!

You are getting ready to leave and suddenly you realize that your socks have been broken or what is worse you just broke by having long nails. But do not worry about anything here I have a trick for girls to fix the broken stockings .
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How to fix a torn/torn stockings?

If you have broken the stockings, a good option is to always have a spare stockings you can even carry in your bag.

But If you are not so cautious, we have a very easy remedy. We take a transparent enamel, or a top coat if it is better mate so we will prevent them from shining.

We will put some enamel where it starts the ripping of the stockings and equal to the end. When this layer is dry we give another one with the enamel all over the rip.

Take off your stockings, if you do not, they will stick to your leg. And so we will avoid that the media race continues to grow and play us a dirty trick.

This will prevent them from continuing to break.

How to prevent them from breaking never the stockings?

Finally, in the market there are already stockings that do not break. Haber are going to break if you burn them and those things but hateful races do not come out, I have some for several months and I'm doing great, I recommend you try them.

Did you know this trick for girls? Do you usually fix broken stockings ? Kisses