Does makeup and cosmetics expire?

Hello Beauty !!
Today I am going to talk about the expiration of cosmetics . When we buy food we always look at the expiration date however with the beauty products ... there are very few that do it but it is just as important as with any other products.

The expiration of the cosmetics :

The question that many people ask is: Can cosmetics expire?
The answer is yes.
We may use a cream that suits us, however, we get bored with it and leave it for a few months in a drawer. When we use it again it has bad color, it does not smell good or its texture has changed.
The reason is very simple if we look at all the cosmetics have a symbol called PAO
b> (period after opening), which means that they are the months of useful life that a product has since opening.

How to know when a cosmetic expires?

If today we open a cream with the first symbol that you see in this image, from today it will last us 12 months.
On the contrary if you do not open it, it will not start to count.
Expiration of cosmetics
This is the theory , then in practice there are products that last you an eternity and others that after two months you can throw them away. And it does not matter what you put in the expiration of cosmetics ...
For this it is always better to be cautious and use common sense, if we see that they have a strange smell, latexture has changed ... it is best to throw it away and replace it with a new one. It is better to spend a few more bucks to drop our eyebrows, hair ...
In addition you have to take special care with the sun creams, these creams last 1 year since its opening. Most of the times, although they are out of date, they do not show any sign of them, they do not smell bad or anything.
However, it's worse, because you put the sun in the sun and put on that cream, you'll think you're protecting yourself, but not at all, you'll stay like a shrimp, and what's much worse, if you notice protect against the sun, can trigger skin cancer.
I know I'm very heavy with this issue, but you have to protect yourself well from the sun and more taking into account>>> All the female cosmetics we have women.
And you look at the expiration of cosmetics ? Kisses