Beauty tricks for a perfect manicure

Hello girls!
Today I come I have taught you some homemade beauty tricks for nails, this way our hands will look healthy and the manicures we make will be more beautiful.

11 Beauty tricks for perfect manicure:

1. Before you start painting your nails make sure they are completely clean, remove any dirt or grease by washing them with soap.
2. We will use a cardboard file, never metallic because these are fragile our nails.
3. The third beauty trick is the most important, you should always use base so that our nails do not yellow and become ugly.
4. To paint them, it is best to take one pass in the center of the nail and then one on each side.
5. We will seal the manicure with a good Top coat, so that it lasts longer, seals the final edge.
top coat poshe

Beauty tricks that help us with our manicures:

1. Our nail supports a maximum of 5 layers of enamel enough for a base, two layers of enamel and a top coat, if we make drawings we must be careful not to go through the layers.
2. Another good beauty trick for nails is to try that the enamel does not reach completely to the sides, so the nail will breathe better.
3. If we are impatient we can use a quick-drying enamel but if we do not have recourse to homemade tricks, take a pot of a glaze that you have spent fill it with olive oil and use it! works the same.
4. There are enamels that are removed very bad, when you pass simply use this beauty trick very easy. We take a cotton soaked with nail polish remover and let it act on the nails for 4-5 seconds and then move the cotton upwards never to the sides.
5 And finally between manicures and manicures we should always let the nails rest a few days, because if the nail does not breathe it will weaken.
6. Contribution marielovesheels to remove the glitter of nails that costs so much , what I do is soak 10 tiny cottons and put them on the nail, then cover it with aluminum foil, I wait about 5 minutes and when removing, I do a little bit of pressure and I'm going from top to bottom and that's it, no glitter trail 🙂
Did you know these beauty tricks for a perfect manicure ? If you enjoyed sharing it!

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